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Cigar Cutter
Season 1, Episode 21
Cigar Cutter - Promotional Images 1
Air date April 7, 2017
Written by Craig O'Neill
David Slack
Peter Lenkov
Directed by Liz Allen Rosenbaum
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Hole Puncher


Season 2

Cigar Cutter is the 21st, and final episode of Season 1 in the remake version of the MacGyver.


Murdoc moves forward with his plans for revenge against MacGyver by recruiting his recently released former cellmate to infiltrate Phoenix Complex as a “lab technician” and kill every agent inside, on the first season finale.


Murdoc chokes a Guard and Escapes. Which will lead into Season 2.




  • Mark Sheppard plays a fake Dr. Zito. In the original series, Sheppard's father W. Morgan Sheppard played a character named Dr. Zito, who appeared in two episodes.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • David Dastmalchian as Murdoc
  • William Mapother as Daniel Holt
  • Mark A. Sheppard as Fake Dr. Zito
  • Kate Bond as Deidre
  • Farshad Farahat as Farhad
  • Aina Dumlao as Andie Lee
  • Troy RudesealVDr. Zito

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