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Episode number
First broadcast
5th February 1986
Written by
David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Directed by
Stan Jolley
Opening gambit written by
Opening gambit directed by
Guest starring
Ellen Bry as Carole Tanner
Steven Williams as Charlie Robinson
Dana Elcar as Pete Thornton
Michael Cavanaugh as Donahue

When a mad bomber targets a cruise ship it is up to MacGyver and his friend Vietnam veteran Charlie Robinson to save the day.

Summery Edit

Opening Gambit Edit

there is no Opening Gambit for this mission.

Act 1 Edit

On board the Victoria first officer Carole Tanner goes over a report with one of the ships officers and heads to the weather room. When Carole gets to the weather room she reads a fax about Typhoon Henry on the printer. What she does not know is Viking planted a Semtex bomb to the side of the navigation cabinet. Carole goes to the bridge and shows the fax to Captain Howard and they make preparations for a course change. Second Officer Atkins picks up the phone and hands it to Captain Howard. When the captain hangs up he tells Carole there is a bomb on board. he gives command of the Victoria to Carole and heads to the weather room. When Captain Howard goes into the weather room the bomb explodes killing him. Back in Los Angeles Mac is serving breakfast to Susan his way which involves a robot. While Mac is testing out the robot he messes up and drops egg on Susan's $100 shoes. Just then the phone rings it is Pete Thornton he wants Mac to meet him at Phoenix Foundation Headquarters right away. Pete tells Mac about Viking and the bomb on the Victoria. Mac tries to back out but Pete gets Mac to take the job by telling him he has a surprise for him. Mac takes the mission and drives to Phoenix Foundation Headquarters. When he arrives Mac runs into his old friend Charlie Robinson and they talk about old times. Charlie tells Mac he is about to become a dad. Mac congratulates him and then ask why he is at Phoenix Foundation? Charlie tells him Pete called him but Mac tells Charlie he needs to back out because the mission is dangerous. Charlie refuses and they both head inside to talk to Pete. Donahue shows Pete a list of suspects just as Mac walks in. Mac tells Pete he needs to remove Charlie from the mission. Pete tells him he can't because Charlie and Mac were part of an EOD disposal team in Vietnam and he needs both of them. Pete introduces them to Donahue and goes over the mission briefing. Just then Viking calls he tells them he wants $6,000 placed in a locker at the bus station or he will blow up the Victoria at 6:30 PM PDT he then hangs up before they can trace the call. Charlie tells them they have three hours to find the bomb and disable it. Mac and Charlie board a Phoenix Foundation jet and fly to Midway where they transfer to a chopper. On the chopper they they go over their tools when the pilot spots the ship. Once over the ship Charlie lowers down their tools but the wench fails and their tools land in the water.

Act 2 Edit

With their tools gone and no way down Mac is forced to improvise. He uses his trademark Swiss Army Knife, carabiners, and rope taken from the choppers cargo net to assemble a rappelling line and harness for them then Charlie and Mac play the numbers game and Mac is the first to jump out of the chopper. Once Mac and Charlie are on the deck Carole introduces herself and Mr Atkins to them and takes them to the bomb. In the engine room the bomb is found and Charlie tells Mac that it is a Rube Goldberg Machine of booby traps which consist of a dish filled with an unknown yellow powder, four test tubes filled with acid, a thermal couple, and mirrors over a detonator box with flashing lights. Charlie identifies it as one of the Ling Chow bombs which narrows down the search they tell this to Pete who relays this information to Donahue. Just then Mr Atkins comes in and tells them there is a bomb in the locker room on D deck Charlie goes to investigate and Carole goes to the bridge to warn the passengers. Charlie and Mac go over their plan and find the sealer on the outside of case. Mac tells Charlie not to rush because Viking wants them to do just that. Back in LA Viking calls and demands Pete hand over the money. Somewhere in the city Viking has set up a tape recorder and a phone to mask his voice the tape ends and Viking hangs up. Pete tells Mac they did not trace the call and Charlie proposes they open the bomb. Charlie tries to start the numbers game with Mac but Mac tells him to go first. Charlie pokes the seal with a probe and releases the air. The bomb is in a vacuum and the powder is yellow phosphorus. Charlie yells this to Mac just as the bomb explodes killing him.

Act 3 Edit

Carole goes over her report with Mr.Atkins and makes plans to abandon ship while Mac is looking over the rail and remembering his lost friend. Carole comes over to Mac to help him with his loss. Mac tells Carole about his record and all about Charlie. in Vietnam they defused 51 bombs and Charlie laughed each time they defused one. Carole tells Mac she is sorry they lost Charlie and Mac tells her his plan. When Charlie died he yelled vacuum and was cut off when the bomb exploded. Mac knew the stuff inside was yellow phosphorus which can explode if air hits it. He tells Carole he is going to use neon to pump the phosphorus out. Just then Mr. Atkins runs down the stairs telling Carole he found another bomb in the auxiliary power room next to the ships generators. Carole volunteers to take care of the bomb in the generator room and Mac will take care of the bomb in engine room. Mr. Atkins tells her not to do it and that the ship is her responsibility but Carole tells him getting rid of the bomb is her responsibility and tells Mr. Atkins to take command and get ready to abandon ship. Carole takes Mac to the lounge to get their tools and Mr. Atkins says the ship is in good hands. At the bus station Phoenix agents set up a stakeout for Viking and plant the money in the locker. Back on the ship Carole and Mac try out Mac's plan. how this MacGyverism will work is Mac and Carole will use stones they got from the bar to cut each neon tube and then they will need to plug the tubes before the gas escapes. Once the tube is plugged they will force the tube through the seal and remove the cork once they have the tube in the dish. Using the neon in the tube they will suck all the phosphorus out and remove the panel to get to the second booby trap the acid. Mac points out the thermal couple is made by Boltex which is a German weapons company which narrows the search down to a few names he tells this to Pete who tells Mac he has an hour. Viking calls and says he has the money but he won't tell Mac how to get rid of the acid or how to defuse the bomb and hangs up. Back at the bus station the Phoenix agents do a search sure enough the money is gone and the back wall is a fake. Pete calls Mac and tells him Viking has the money but he won't tell Mac how to disarm the bomb. Viking has also threaten to sink the ship and everyone on board. Mac looks perplexed.

Act 4. Edit

Mac gets ready to remove the circuit board and the mirrors when Pete stops him warning him if he touches the board it will get him electrocuted because the beakers above him contain acid. Donahue also comes back and tells Mac the stuff is acid. If Mac removes the circuit board it will short because the acid is charged from a battery connected to the detonator if the acid is dumped it will cause the bomb to explode. Pete tells Mac this and it was used in Cam Ranh Bay in 73. Donahue reads the report and shakes his head. Pete tells him he was the commander of the sabotage team in 73 Donahue says he did not go on most of the missions. Mac gets ready to set up another MacGyverism to get rid of the acid and gives Carole the ingredients. Carole then tells Mr Atkins to go to the kitchen and get the stuff they need. For this MacGyverism Mac and Carole will fill two pastry tubes with oven cleaner and milk then they will shake it up. Mac will use his trademark Swiss Army Knife and Carole will use a dental probe to remove the caps. Once they get the caps off they will pump the milk and oven cleaner into the acid to dissolve it but will have to wait five minutes until the acid is dissolved. For safety Carole tells Mr. Atkins to seal the blast doors on each compartment to block the explosion. Donahue tells Mac one of the acid bombs in Nam exploded and he had to guess. Mac thinks that story does not add up and distracts Pete with stories about golf. With Pete on a separate line Mac has him check on the Cam Ranh Bay file. Pete tells Mac he will do just that and hangs up. Five minutes later the acid is dissolved and Mac dumps it fallowed by Carole causing the bomb to stop. Before anyone can celebrate Pete calls Mac and tells him one name popped up. Donahue! Before Pete can go arrest Donahue Mac tells Pete they still have one more booby trap to disarm the detonator itself. Mac pulls off the panel exposing the detonator which consist of a one minute timer and two arming keys. Carole does the same and wonders which key will disarm the bomb. Donahue tells Mac to pull the blue key but since Mac knows Donahue is a traitor he pulls the yellow and the bomb finally dies. Carole also pulls the yellow key and her bomb dies. Back at Phoenix headquarters Donahue tries to run but Pete places him under arrest and Viking is finally caught. Back on the Victoria Mac and Carole celebrate with Carole inviting Mac to dinner before the chopper comes to pick him up with Mac asking is he gets to sit next to Carole at her table? Carole just nods and they head to dinner.

MacGyverisms Edit

  • Mac made a robot to serve Susan breakfast but the plan backfires when he gets eggs all over Susan's $100 shoes.
  • Mac used his knife, a cargo net, and carabiners to make a rappelling line plus harnesses so he and Charlie can jump out of the chopper.
  • Mac and Carole used neon lights to remove the yellow phosphorus from the bomb.
  • Mac and Carole used oven cleaner and milk in a pastry tube to dissolve the acid inside the bomb.

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