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Diane Davis
Diane Davis
Biographical Information
Real Name: Diane Davis
Interests: Jack Dalton (Ex)
Family: Riley Davis (Daughter)
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Scissors
Portrayed by: Michael Michele

Diane Davis is the mother of Riley Davis.

Early LifeEdit

She is the mother of Riley Davis and an unnamed man who was born either in 1901. Her husband was abusive towards her, something which Riley was aware of, and they split up at some point in her childhood.

When Riley was twelve, she began dating Jack Dalton. Both Riley and Diana believed he sold bathroom tile, although at the time he was actually working for the CIA. The two became close, with Jack saying "I love that little girl [Riley}, I always have".

One day Diana's ex-returned and began beating her up so Jack responded by severely beating the ex to scare him away. After that Jack claims he "left for (Riley's) sake" as he "didn't want to screw her up". Riley resented him from then on because she had viewed him as "basically" her father and he had left.

Season 1Edit


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