During seasons 47, the show revolved more around social issues such as guns and runaway teens than did the episodes in seasons 13, which were mostly about Angus MacGyver's adventures working for the United States government, and then later the Phoenix Foundation.

Season 1Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
001 Pilot A mysterious explosion demolishes an underground lab. Can MacGyver single-handedly rescue the trapped scientists, and stop a deadly chemical leak? 29th September 1985
002 The Golden Triangle While retrieving a poison-filled canister from a crash site in Burma, MacGyver is forced to take on a powerful drug lord when he is mistaken for a narcotics agent. 6th October 1985
003 Thief Of Budapest In Budapest, MacGyver obtains vital microfilm|microfilmed information hidden inside a watch. But when the watch is stolen, MacGyver has to find the thief: a young Gypsy girl. 13th October 1985
004 The Gauntlet MacGyver goes up against an entire army when he helps an American journalist escape across the border of a South America|South American dictatorship. 21st October 1985
005 The Heist A Virgin Islands casino owner steals $60 million in diamonds. MacGyver and an American senator's daughter plot to steal them back from the casino's impregnable vault. 3rd November 1985
006 Trumbo's World Deep in the primitive Amazon jungle, MacGyver teams with an entomologist friend and a local plantation owner to battle an invading horde of killer ants. 10th November 1985
007 Last Stand Armed robbers make the mistake of accidentally taking MacGyver hostage. Now, their inadvertent captive uses his extraordinary skills to thwart the gang and free the other hostages. 17th November 1985
008 Hellfire MacGyver's friends strike oil, but an out-of-control fire threatens to destroy all they own. They turn to MacGyver as the only one who can extinguish the inferno and save the oil. 27th November 1985
009 The Prodigal A protected Federal witness wants to come out of hiding to visit his dying mother. 8th December 1985
010 Target MacGyver MacGyver destroys a Middle-Eastern nuclear reactor, whose operators then set a professional assassin on him. Mac goes to visit his grandfather in order to lie low, but the assassin tracks him down. 22nd December 1985
011 Nightmares MacGyver is poisoned with a hallucinogenic drug and he only has a short time to find and take the antidote before the poison kills him. 15th January 1986
012 Deathlock When MacGyver is taken to a safehouse following an operation, it turns out that the place has been boobytrapped by an assassin. 22nd January 1986
013 Flame's End An old girlfriend is in trouble and calls MacGyver when she discovers a plot to steal Uranium from the nuclear reactor where she works. 29th January 1986
014 Countdown MacGyver teams up with an old buddy from 'Nam to defuse a time bomb aboard a cruise ship loaded with passengers. 5th February 1986
015 The Enemy Within MacGyver must discover the identity of a mole within the agency who is responsible for the deaths of four top agents. 12th February 1986
016 Every Time She Smiles While trying to escape Bulgaria with secret microfilm, MacGyver meets a beautiful American actress who accidentally gets him caught by the secret police. 19th February 1986
017 To Be A Man Sent to Afghanistan to retrieve a downed satellite, MacGyver is shot down and wounded. He is sheltered by a woman and her son and must rely on their help to escape the Red Army. 5th March 1986
018 Ugly Duckling MacGyver helps out a young genius computer hacker who gets kidnapped by arms dealers who need help with stolen missiles. 12th March 1986
019 Slow Death MacGyver helps Indian tribesmen who hijack a train in search for two men who sold them poisons disguised as medicine. 2nd April 1986
020 The Escape MacGyver cooks up an elaborate plot to break a medical missionary out of a prison in French North Africa; once they escape, a big surprise awaits. 16th April 1986
021 A Prisoner Of Conscience MacGyver must fake insanity so that he and Pete can get into a Russian mental hospital and break out a political dissident. 30th April 1986
022 The Assassin MacGyver helps to nab an assassin and then must disguise himself as the assassin in order to unravel the rest of the plot. 7th May 1986

Season 2Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
023 The Human Factor When MacGyver is sent in to test security at a top secret military lab, the artificially intelligent central computer traps him inside and he has to outsmart it to escape. September 22, 1986
024 The Eraser A hitman passes himself off as a father looking for his lost son, causing MacGyver to help him find his target. September 29, 1986
025 Twice Stung MacGyver and some friends from the Phoenix Foundation must con a con man in order win back a man's life savings. October 6, 1986
026 The Wish Child MacGyver must rescue the brother of a friend when the boy gets tricked by scam artists to pass himself as the fulfillment of ancient Chinese legend. October 20, 1986
027 Final Approach MacGyver is stranded in the wilderness with a group of teenage gang members; he must get them to put aside their differences long enough to survive the ordeal. October 27, 1986
028 Jack Of Lies MacGyver's friend, Jack Dalton, tricks him into going to Central America to rescue a botanist, but it turns out to be an old friend of theirs. November 3, 1986
029 The Road Not Taken MacGyver runs into an old girlfriend when he and Pete go into Southeast Asia to help a group of orphans escape soldiers intent on killing them. November 10, 1986
030 Eagles MacGyver is sent up into the mountains to find out about two endangered eagles; he also finds poachers who try to kill him. November 17, 1986
031 Silent World A group of international thieves try to steal a top secret missile and MacGyver's deaf friend has dreams that help them catch the bad guys. November 24, 1986
032 Three For The Road MacGyver, a has been actor and the actor's wife are on the run from mob when they accidentally come into possession of counterfeit money. December 15, 1986
033 Phoenix Under Siege MacGyver and his grandfather stop by the foundation on their way to a hockey game to pick up the tickets; terrorists are there setting a bomb and trap MacGyver and his grandfather in the building. January 5, 1987
034 Family Matter When Pete's ex-wife and son are kidnapped by a disgruntled former agent, MacGyver must come to the rescue. January 12, 1987
035 Soft Touch MacGyver rescues a political prisoner from Russia and, while protecting him, MacGyver must foil a plot to assassinate a South American government official. January 19, 1987
036 Birth Day MacGyver must help a pregnant woman escape her ex-convict husband who intends to murder her after she discovers a secret about him. February 2, 1987
037 Pirates MacGyver must rescue a friend when she is kidnapped by pirates convinced she can lead them to sunken treasure. February 9, 1987
038 Out In The Cold MacGyver and Pete are skiing when a mob informant plants microfilm on MacGyver; after getting back home the mob comes after them. February 16, 1987
039 Dalton, Jack Of Spies Jack fakes his own death and MacGyver must help him clear his name after he is accused of murdering a CIA agent. February 23, 1987
040 Partners A surprise enemy (Murdock) kidnaps Macgyver and Pete on the 7th anniversary of their friendship with Jack. 2nd March 1987
041 Bushmaster When MacGyver goes to South America to rescue a downed pilot, the pilot's daughter stows away on the trip to try and help. March 23, 1987
042 Friends Jack lures MacGyver to the Phoenix Foundation for a surprise birthday party where many of his friends from past adventures are waiting; this makes him reconsider his recently tendered resignation. April 6, 1987
043 D.O.A.: MacGyver MacGyver's friend is killed after telling him of a bomb to be planted at a funeral; while escaping his friend's killers, he receives a head injury which causes amnesia. April 27, 1987
044 For Love Or Money MacGyver must work with an agent he doesn't like in order to break a political prisoner out of Czechoslovakia. May 4, 1987

Season 3Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
045 Lost Love (Part 1) While protecting a priceless Chinese artifact, MacGyver encounters an old flame, whom he thought was dead. September 21, 1987
046 Lost Love (Part 2) While protecting a priceless Chinese artifact, MacGyver try to rescue his love from danger. September 28, 1987
047 Back From The Dead MacGyver helps a former hit-man in the witness protection program after the mob rediscovers him. October 5, 1987
048 Ghost Ship While on an assignment to plant beacons in the wilderness, MacGyver stumbles upon something unexpected. October 19, 1987
049 Fire And Ice After his friend is killed, MacGyver must go after the killer, who is also a diamond thief and a diplomat with immunity. October 26, 1987
050 GX-1 MacGyver and another agent he doesn't like much must beat the Soviets to find a downed experimental USAF fighter jet. November 2, 1987
051 Jack In The Box MacGyver's friend's antics get them both thrown into a Southern work camp with a corrupt warden. November 9, 1987
052 The Widowmaker While grieving over the loss of a friend, MacGyver's old nemesis, Murdoc, finds him and tries to end what he started years ago. November 16, 1987
053 Hell Week MacGyver is picked to judge a contest at his old college, but an upset student makes a bomb which MacGyver must defuse. November 23, 1987
054 Blow Out MacGyver must figure out why terrorists are trying to kill a fellow agent. December 21, 1987
055 Kill Zone When a virus that causes things to grow old quickly is accidentally unleashed, MacGyver must stop it. January 4, 1988
056 Early Retirement Pete is framed for an accident, and MacGyver has to prove his innocence before those who framed him carry out their plan. January 18, 1988
057 Thin Ice While helping his hospitalized high school hockey coach take the school team to the state championship, MacGyver must deal with the star player's bad temper. February 1, 1988
058 The Odd Triple Jack Dalton unwittingly gets MacGyver involved in a high profile jewelry heist; Pete must come to their rescue. February 29, 1988
059 The Negotiator A real estate developer tries to have MacGyver killed when his environmental study threatens a major oceanfront development project. March 7, 1988
060 The Spoilers MacGyver and a hermit from the mountains work to try and stop a group from illegally dumping toxic waste. March 14, 1988
061 Mask Of The Wolf MacGyver and Jack must help an elderly Native American try and stop two men intent on stealing a tribal artifact. March 28, 1988
062 Rock The Cradle MacGyver and Jack are stuck caring for an abandoned baby while looking for the mother, who is on the run. April 18, 1988
063 The Endangered MacGyver goes to visit and old girlfriend who is now a park ranger and must help her stop a group of poachers. May 2, 1988
064 Murderer's Sky When an elderly Chinese man is murdered by criminals who want to take over his business, MacGyver and the man's grandson must work together to thwart the criminals. May 9, 1988

Season 4Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
065 The Secret Of Parker House MacGyver is a ghostbuster in a spooky old house inherited by Penny Parker who is a dead ringer for her insane aunt, who once lived in the house. October 31, 1988
066 Blood Brothers Back in his childhood home town, MacGyver is haunted by memories of his youth where a friend was killed by a gun while preventing his friend's son from using a gun to defend himself against hoodlums. November 21, 1988
067 The Outsiders MacGyver saves an Amish village from being bulldozed by land developers. November 28, 1988
068 On A Wing And A Prayer Thornton and a nun are taken hostage by Central American rebels. December 5, 1988
069 Collision Course An important sports car race demonstrating new engine technology is sabotaged so MacGyver must drive the race car. December 12, 1988
070 The Survivors MacGyver and Thornton discover the wreckage of a DEA plane shot down by drug smugglers during annual wilderness survival training. January 9, 1989
071 Deadly Dreams MacGyver helps the police pursue an escaped psychopath, who turns out to be a puppet of Dr. Zito. January 16, 1989
072 MA Dalton Jack Dalton and MacGyver search for Dalton's mother who is a fugitive from a bounty hunter. January 23, 1989
073 Cleo Rocks A shadowy figure lurks backstage to manipulate Penny Parker in suspicious rock musical. February 6, 1989
074 Fraternity Of Thieves Leaks from a classified Phoenix technology system suggests a double agent working at the foundation. February 13, 1989
075 The Battle Of Tommy Giordano MacGyver's friend wins custody of her son, causing her ex-husband to involve his uncle, the head of a crime family. February 20, 1989
076 The Challenge A Challenger club youth is framed for theft by a bigot who's trying to shut the club down. February 27, 1989
077 Runners MacGyver protects a runaway girl; her bitter past reminds him of some of his own. March 13, 1989
078 Gold Rush An easy US-Soviet salvage operation in Alaska is complicated by competition. March 27, 1989
079 The Invisible Killer A wilderness stress reduction outing for Phoenix employees turns paranoid when escaped convicts are nearby. April 10, 1989
080 Brainwashed Jack Dalton is brainwashed to assassinate a foreign country's president. April 24, 1989
081 Easy Target Terrorists hold MacGyver and Thornton while they cripple the city with a futuristic device. May 1, 1989
082 Renegade MacGyver pursues a mentally disturbed man who has stolen a deadly bacteria. May 8, 1989
083 Unfinished Business MacGyver, Thornton and Jack Dalton are stalked by an elusive escaped convict in the woods. May 15, 1989

Season 5Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
084 Legend Of The Holy Rose (Part 1) MacGyver is enticed by an archaeologist friend to join her quest for the Holy Grail. September 18, 1989
085 Legend Of The Holy Rose (Part 2) MacGyver and Zoe's search is interrupted by Von Leer stealing ancient artifacts they need. September 25, 1989
086 The Black Corsage MacGyver joins bounty hunter Frank Colton to track Bulgarian scientist Sophia Ross running from bandits looking for an ancient gem. October 2, 1989
087 Cease Fire Assisting the negotiations between two countries at a Swiss conference, MacGyver is framed for an assassination attempt on president Habad. October 9, 1989
088 Second Chance MacGyver heads a project bringing young Amerasians to the U.S., but his companion meets the son he didn't know he had. October 16, 1989
089 Halloween Knights The ruthless Murdoc asks MacGyver's help to free his innocent sister, being held captive by the "Homicide International Trust". October 30, 1989
090 Children Of Light Chinese student Mei Jan arrives at MacGyver's home claiming to be his foster daughter, but secretly holds evidence of the massacre at Tiananmen Square. November 6, 1989
091 Black Rhino In Africa, MacGyver helps Billy Colton nail a poacher who butchers endangered black rhinos for their valuable horns. November 13, 1989
092 The Ten Percent Solution MacGyver investigates a WWII concentration camp survivor's claim to a masterpiece painting as they uncover a splinter Nazi plot to auction stolen artworks to finance its plot to create an "Aryan Nation". November 20, 1989
093 Two Times Trouble MacGyver's rock singer friend Roxie thinks her twin sister Carla is trying to kill her. December 11, 1989
094 The Madonna MacGyver helps a priest friend search on Christmas Eve for a church's stolen Madonna statue with the involvement of an unusual homeless woman staying at the Challenger Club, who seems surrounded by minor miracles. December 18, 1989
095 Serenity MacGyver dreams that he is in the Old West aiming to retire with a claim to a Montana ranch home, but encounters resistance from neighbor rancher Thornton. January 8, 1990
096 Live And Learn MacGyver & Pete start a program in a high dropout high school. MacGyver helps a student who struggles between an academic path to electrical engineering and his construction working father. January 15, 1990
097 Log Jam MacGyver infiltrates a logging company with ties to the Yakuza. February 5, 1990
098 The Treasure Of Manco MacGyver helps a friend find some Incan treasure in Peru and crosses paths with another old friend who is the leader of a rebel army. . February 12, 1990
099 Jenny's Chance MacGyver, Jack Dalton, and Pete Thornton go undercover as a computer geek, a drug lord, and a dirty bookie to force a dangerous money launderer to give up. February 19, 1990
100 Deep Cover A spy steals a prototype stealth submarine by seducing its main engineer. February 26, 1990
101 The Lost Amadeus An eccentric woman leads MacGyver on a wild adventure to save a priceless violin and the virtuoso owner. March 19, 1990
102 Hearts Of Steel A bitter executive of a closed steel mill seeks vengeance by kidnapping the daughter of the corporate raider responsible for the closure. April 9, 1990
103 Rush To Judgement MacGyver is a juror in an intense murder trial, and can't resist investigating on his own. April 16, 1990
104 Passages On the way to his ailing grandfather, MacGyver detours to pursue a thief of an Egyptian artifact linked to the afterlife. Attacked by the thief, he is hospitalized and in a coma in which he reconnects with his deceased grandfather and parents. April 30, 1990

Season 6Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
105 Tough Boys MacGyver tracks youth vigilantes and their leader who are terrorizing the neighborhood crack ring. September 17, 1990
106 Humanity MacGyver appeals to bring secret files to public view but colides with an elite corpsman loyal to Romania's dead tyrant Ceauşescu. September 24, 1990
107 The Gun The gun used in an assassination of 20 years and a present day cop killing is sought by both a crazed anarchist and MacGyver, who needs it to clear a friend accused of the shooting. October 1, 1990
108 Twenty Questions MacGyver intervenes with a teenage friend for a drinking problem involving her in several burglaries. October 8, 1990
109 The Wall MacGyver reunites an East German expatriate with his granddaughter, who might be involved with two ex-Stasi agents. October 22, 1990
110 Lesson In Evil Dr. Zito, the notorious murderer, escapes after a sanity hearing and leaves clues to face off with MacGyver. October 29, 1990
111 Harry's Will A kooky bunch of crooks and an elderly ex-con pursue MacGyver's inherited station wagon thought to hold treasure. November 5, 1990
112 MacGyver's Women MacGyver dreams he's in the Old West to defend three women from outlaws. November 12, 1990
113 Bitter Harvest Investigation of a murdered migrant farm worker organizer leads to a farmer using illegal pesticides. November 19, 1990
114 The Visitor A pair of smooth talking "extraterrestrials" promise to transport a desperate rural family to a trouble free planet, for a price. December 3, 1990
115 Squeeze Play A baseball counterfeit memorabilia ring attempts to blackmail the daughter of a former baseball player. December 17, 1990
116 Jerico Games MacGyver reunites with a high school sweetheart, now the wife of a media mogul sponsoring an international sports competition. January 7, 1991
117 The Wasteland MacGyver investigates an out of control industrial developer, while his son and daughter maneuver him out of the family business. January 21, 1991
118 Eye Of Osiris MacGyver helps find the Eye of Osiris on an archaeological dig. February 4, 1991
119 High Control MacGyver goes undercover as a biker to help a recent parolee who is getting framed by his old biker gang. February 11, 1991
120 There But For The Grace MacGyver helps find the murderer of a pastor. February 18, 1991
121 Blind Faith Pete has troubles with glaucoma and MacGyver takes his place in getting a video tape from a train that has major political ramifications for a small latin american country March 4, 1991
122 Faith, Hope & Charity While tracking a Gray Wolf, MacGyver is caught in a bear trap and found by two ladies who run a bed & breakfast where he recooperates while mobsters search for treasure. March 18, 1991
123 Strictly Business Murdoc comes out of retirement and tries to clear his almost spotless killing record by killing MacGyver; MacGyver ends up with amnesia on a remote farm. April 8, 1991
124 Trail Of Tears A power company tries to run a new power line near an Indian reservation. April 22, 1991
125 Hind-Sight Pete is awaiting glaucoma surgery and feeling useless, but MacGyver reminds him of why he needs Pete. May 6, 1991

Season 7Edit

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
126 Honest Abe A friend's son's bar mitzvah is interrupted by MacGyver being needed in the fictitious Caribbean nation of San Rochelle to rescue a prototype helicopter. An undercover CIA agent and a terrorist delay MacGyver. September 16, 1991
127 The Hood MacGyver's houseboat destruction forces him into a new neighborhood where he meets a young woman in trouble with hit men. September 23, 1991
128 Obsessed Nightmares about Murdoc affect MacGyver as he provides security at the criminal trial of a deposed dictator. September 30, 1991
129 The Prometheus Syndrome A psychopathic arsonist kills one of MacGyver's friends. October 7, 1991
130 The Coltons The bounty hunters search for a young woman who is an important murder witness. October 14, 1991
131 The Walking Dead A student activist is kidnapped and Haitian voodoo is used for extortion. October 21, 1991
132 Good Knight MacGyver (Part 1) A concussion sends MacGyver to King Arthur's Court, where his strange ways threaten Merlin's magic, but they also save magician. November 4, 1991
133 Good Knight MacGyver (Part 2) MacGyver finishes helping Merlin to free Galahad's Cecilia and stop wicked Morgana. November 11, 1991
134 Deadly Silents MacGyver helps a silent movie comedian save the remaining prints of his work which are stolen by a dramatic pair. November 18, 1991
135 Split Decision MacGyver's boxer buddy Earl Dent struggles with custody of his daughter against bad bookies who want him to throw his comeback fight. December 2, 1991
136 Gunz 'N Boyz A Challenger Club youth gets too deep in gang violence. December 16, 1991
137 Off The Wall A slumlord unjustly evicts MacGyver's young graffiti artist friend and his grandmother. December 30, 1991
138 The Stringer MacGyver helps a Chinese dissident and gets help from an unexpected source: his son. January 6, 1992
139 Mountain Of Youth MacGyver and Jack Dalton search for the fountain of youth. January 13, 1992

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