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Fish Scaler
Season 1, Episode 14
Fish Scaler - Promotional Images 3
Air date February 3, 2017
Written by John Turman
Craig O'Neill
David Slack
Directed by Eagle Egilsson
Episode Guide
Large Blade


Magnifying Glass

Fish Scaler is the 14th episode of Season 1 in the remake version of the MacGyver.


Using a fish scaler and some fishing wire, Mac and Jack must track down a corrupt FBI agent who has framed a man for murder. Also, everyone on the team is terrified to get their first performance review from Matty, their tough new boss.


Mac and Jack track down an FBI fugitive, who claims that he was forced to work for a dirty agent. The two must protect the fugitive while the team figures out who is the dirty FBI agent. Meanwhile, Bozer and Riley must meet with Matty for their first evaluation.





Wilt Bozer: Yeah, but you don't not know that she's not going to not care.
MacGyver: Was that a quadruple negative?
Wilt Bozer: I don't know. I lost count.

Jack Dalton: Points for originality, but this only counts as an escape if we don't die.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Ilene Preskin
  • Frank Whaley as Douglas Bishop
  • Gary Weeks as Agent Tanner
  • Michael Tow as Agent Cho
  • Pat Dortch as FBI Director Ted Dryer
  • Danielle Deadwyler as Brunette Agent
  • Aina Dumlao as Andie Lee

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