Season 3, Episode 048
Airdate 19th October 1987
Written by Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars Katey Wright as Karin Graff
Michele Goodger as Joanna
Nicholas Rice as Bench
Byron Chief-Moon as Joe Wales
Len George as Dave Whales
Chief Khotlacha as Len
Ken Kirzinger as Bigfoot
Directed by Michael Vejar
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MacGyver investigates an abondoned ship. While on an assignment to plant beacons in the wilderness, MacGyver stumbles upon something unexpected.


MacGyver is on a mission to plant beacons to map new territory that is going to be a national preserve. After he sets off, he find a Totem pole, and deduces that it is a warning of some kind. As he examines it, he hear an animal roar echoing through the woods. He then proceed to plant the first beacon, he hears the same animal roar again. On his way to plant his second marker, he passes an inlet and spots an oil freighter there. He shouts to it, but no one reply. He sees a small boat that he can use to get to the freighter, but it is somewhat broken. As he examines the boat, he see a huge scratch mark. He then patches the boat with one of his sleeping bags and makes an oar from a stick. As he row to the freighter, he is unaware that he is being watched by someone or something. As he boards the ship, he enters a hatch, but it slam shut after he enters. Freightened, he opens the door and looks back out. He sees no one, and reenters. He then walks into a cabin, and sees blood stained items there. As he removes a newspaper from a table, there is a huge handprint in blood, twice the size of his own. Someone has been killed in the cabin by something. He walks out of the cabin and proceeds to the control room/bridge. He finds a hair stuck in the stair leading to the bridge. At the bridge, he looks around and spots a new cup of coffee. Growing suspicious, he grabs the coffee cup to examine it, but a fur covered arm smashes through the window. Startled, Macgyver looks as the creature smashes into the bridge. He hides quickly under a table, and the creature begins to smash the table apart. He escapes to the storage and seals the door behind him. There he sees a light bulb moving. Someone is there. He corners the person and it is revealed that it is a girl. She tries to escape, but he grabs her. They then hear the creature roar. It manages to break open the door MacGyver sealed. He closes the next door, stopping the creature. They escape through another door, but the creature cuts them off. The only way to escape is to jump overboard. The girl tries to escape again, but MacGyver manages to make her follow him. They enter the woods and find water. She drinks but she won't talk yet. As they continue, the creature go on land and follows them. That night, she begins to talk, and says that the creature killed her cousin while they stowed away on the ship. Some Indians approach them and wants to get warmed by the fire. They talk about the creature, and the oldest one says he saw a Sasquatch/Bigfoot when he was little. They then hear animal roars and see some kind of light in the distance. The next morning, the Indians are gone, and Macgyver and the girl continues. They find some men working on a pipeline. Macgyver says that the light from their welding equipment was the lights they saw the other night. The girl then recognizes one of the guys, and says that they are the guys from the ship. Macgyver figures out that they steal oil to tap on their oil freighter. Machyver goes for help while the girl waits. One of the guys finds her, and take her to Bench, their leader. She says she is alone, but they don't believe her. One of the guys take her to the ship, because she is "safe"there (actually to get killed by the creature). MacGyver saves her, and the other guys begin to search for him. Macgyver and the girl go back to where the thieves stole oil, and Mac uses the remaining beacons to make a signal, so that Pete realizes that something is wrong. Macgyver tells the girl they need to get to higher ground so that Pete can see them. As they head for higher ground, the creature assaults them. Macgyver goes to fight with him, but the creature gains the upper hand and knocks him out temporarily. The creature then heads for the girl, but Mac jumps on it's back, but he is thrown off. Mac rips the mask of the creature off, revealing it to be a man with a voice alteration device. The man with the monkey suit charges at Mac, but he uses a tree as a catapult had knocks him out. Bench then finds Mac and proceeds to shoot him, but Pete arrives and uses the helicopter to knock him out. They return to the base and Pete says that the pirates used a tape to scare off people from finding out about the oil theft (the creature killed the girls cousin, and wanted to kill the girl and possibly Mac because they knew too much). 

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