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Guns are weapons that are loaded with bullets that are filled with gun powder. Macgyver dislikes guns and only uses them in the opening scene of Pilot to return fire on enemy troops.

There are several types of guns that appear in the seven series. The most common gun is the Ak-47 that is often used by the enemy soldiers. Below is a list if guns that appear in Macgyver.

Ak-47-Used by most enemy soldiers In the first season.

Uzi-used by the enemy troops in Tough Boys.

M-16-appears in a gun store in Blood Brothers and is sold.

Flamethrower-used by Murdoc

Home Made flamethrower-made by Macgyver in Trumbos World.

MP7- used in some season 5 episodes

Colt 1911- used by Pete and several other people in Macgyver

Beretta m9- used by undercover agents and Pete

Mac 11- used by soldiers in France.

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