Jack Dalton
Biographical Information
Real Name: Jack Wyatt Dalton
Title: Agent Dalton
Interests: Sarah Adler (Ex)
Parents: Father †
Affiliations: The Phoenix Foundation

Delta Force

Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: The Rising
Portrayed by: George Eads

Jack Dalton is an agent of The Phoenix Foundation and has an impressive military background.

Early LifeEdit

DXS partnered him with Angus MacGyver and the two worked together for three years before the events of The Rising.

Season 1Edit

Personality Edit

Unlike his partner, Jack prefers to convey his thoughts and doubts in the open rather than bottle his emotions up. This has led him to wrong way to his rather blunt nature, but he does have a sense of humour. Being the least scientifically inclined of the team, Jack tries to keep up with Mac's creative solutions as best as he can, but he has learned to trust his partner's ingenious methods as they have save their lives more than once and knows him the best, having served together and working as partners for the Phoenix Foundation.

While he is portrayed as a womaniser, Jack has had a few meaningful relationships, namely with his ex-partner, Sarah Adler, and Riley's mother, Diane, and despite having ended their relationships with them, both women are on good terms with him.

Jack's only other relationship in the series, aside from Mac, is with Riley. When he was working with the CIA, he dated Diane and he and Riley grew so close, they developed a father-daughter bond. However, after fighting off Riley's abusive father, Jack left both her and Diane, leaving Riley bitter about the situation. After being recruited into the Phoenix Foundation, their relationship was fairly strained, mostly due to Riley's antagonistic attitude towards him, but over time, the two repaired their relationship and are on friendlier terms.

Skills Edit

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Because of his Delta Force background, Jack is able to hold his own in any fight.
  • Expert Marksman: Because of career as a Delta force operative, Jack is a skilled marksman, able to handle anything from handguns to sniper rifles with frightening accuracy.
  • Expert Tactician: While he usually leaves the strategies to Mac, Jack is skilled in the use of tactics, able to properly identify disguised mercenaries by their accessories and coordinate a strike force on a cartel safehouse to save MacGyver.
  • Multilingual: From his career in the CIA, Jack can speak and understand French, Russian and Dutch.


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