A Prisoner Of ConscienceAndie LeeAngus MacGyver
Angus MacGyver/GalleryAngus MacGyver (1985)Awl
Awl/GalleryBack From The DeadBirth Day
Bitter HarvestBlack RhinoBlind Faith
BrainwashedCIACan Opener
Can Opener/GalleryCastChildren Of Light
ChiselChisel/GalleryCigar Cutter
Cigar Cutter/GalleryCleo RocksCollision Course
Corkscrew/GalleryCynthia WilsonD.O.A.: MacGyver
Dalton, Jack Of SpiesDeadly DreamsDeadly Silents
DeathlockDeborahDeep Cover
Delta ForceDepartment of External ServicesDiane Davis
Diane Davis/GalleryEaglesEarly Retirement
Easy TargetEpisodesEvery Time She Smiles
Eye Of OsirisFaith, Hope & CharityFire And Ice
Fish ScalerFish Scaler/GalleryFlame's End
FlashlightFlashlight/GalleryFor Love Or Money
Fraternity Of ThievesFriendsGX-1
Ghost ShipGold RushGood Knight MacGyver (Part 1)
Good Knight MacGyver (Part 2)Gunz 'N BoyzHarry's Will
Harry JacksonHearts Of SteelHenry Winkler
Hind-SightHole PuncherHole Puncher/Gallery
Honest AbeHookHook/Gallery
HumanityInjokes, Parodies etc.Jack Dalton
Jack Dalton/GalleryJack Dalton (1985)Jack In The Box
Jack Of LiesJenny's ChanceKGB
KaiMohammed548Katarina WagnerKatarina Wagner/Gallery
Large BladeLarge Blade/GalleryLast Stand
Lee David ZlotoffLegend Of The Holy Rose (Part 1)Legend Of The Holy Rose (Part 2)
Lesson In EvilLisa WoodmanList of problems solved by MacGyver
Live And LearnLog JamLost Love (Part 1)
Lost Love (Part 2)Lost Treasure of AtlantisMA Dalton
MacGyverMacGyver's WomenMacGyver's little brother
MacGyver (1985 series)MacGyver (2016 series)Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass/GalleryMain PageMama Lorain
Mask Of The WolfMatilda WebberMatilda Webber/Gallery
Mei JanMetal SawMetal Saw/Gallery
Milt BozerMountain Of YouthMurderer's Sky
MurdocMurdoc/GalleryMurdoc (1985)
NightmaresNikki CarpenterNikki Carpenter/Gallery
Nikki Carpenter (1985)ObsessedOff The Wall
On A Wing And A PrayerOut In The ColdPartners
PassagesPatricia ThorntonPatricia Thornton/Gallery
Penny ParkerPete ThorntonPhoenix Foundation
Phoenix Under SiegePilotPliers
Pliers/GalleryPromotional ImagesRenegade
Richard Dean AndersonRiley DavisRiley Davis/Gallery
Rock The CradleRoxanne and Carla YatesRuler
Ruler/GalleryRunnersRush To Judgement
Sarah AdlerScissorsScissors/Gallery
ScrewdriverScrewdriver/GallerySean Angus Malloy
Season 1Second ChanceSerenity
Silent WorldSlow DeathSoft Touch
Strictly BusinessTV moviesTarget MacGyver
Terry NationThe AssassinThe Battle Of Tommy Giordano
The Black CorsageThe ChallengeThe Colton Family
The ColtonsThe EndangeredThe Enemy Within
The EraserThe EscapeThe Gauntlet
The Golden TriangleThe GunThe Invisible Killer
The Lost AmadeusThe MadonnaThe Negotiator
The Odd TripleThe OutsidersThe Prometheus Syndrome
The RisingThe Rising/GalleryThe Road Not Taken
The Secret Of Parker HouseThe SpoilersThe Stringer
The Ten Percent SolutionThe Treasure Of MancoThe Visitor
The Walking DeadThe WallThe Wasteland
The WidowmakerThe Wish ChildThere But For The Grace
Thief Of BudapestThin IceThree For The Road
To Be A ManToothpickToothpick/Gallery
Tough BoysTrail Of TearsTrumbo
Trumbo's WorldTwenty QuestionsTwice Stung
Two Times TroubleUgly DucklingUnfinished Business
VaniaPosada236Vin Di BonaWilt Bozer
Wilt Bozer/GalleryWire CutterWire Cutter/Gallery

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