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Biographical Information
Real Name: Unknown
Title: Assasin
Born: Unknown
Originally From: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Children: Cassian (son)
Affiliations: Unknown
Physical Description
Height: 6'0 ½
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Corkscrew
Portrayed by: David Dastmalchian

Murdoc is the International Assassin who becomes Macgyver's rival. Until the end Corkscrew (Season 1, Episode 8), Murdoc was referred to as Suspect 218, his CIA file name, his true identity remains unknown as Murdoc is his alias. He is also the (presumed single) father of a teenage son who remains in the dark about what his father does for a living.

Early LifeEdit

Nothing is Known about Murdoc's upbringing.

Season 1Edit

Appearing in Season 1, Episode 8 Corkscrew, Murdoc is introduced as Suspect 218, an international assassin, presumably hired by Nikki Carpenter to kill Angus MacGyver, as well as the rest of Macgyver's team. His identity remained hidden until Murdoc enters Macgyver's home under the persona of a work friend of Macgyver's to wait and kill him, tricking Wilt Bozer into letting him in.

Bozer appears to realise that something isn't right with Murdoc's introduction and contacts Macgyver, who warns him about who Murdoc is. Murdoc forces Bozer to hang up and keeps him at gunpoint until Macgyver returns, and manages to hide his appearance by using a mask which Bozer made.

When Murdoc has the rest of the team held hostage at gunpoint, he contacts Macgyver and insisted that he appeared, otherwise he would kill the team.

After a final showdown with Macgyver, which resulting Murdoc losing and being arrested by the Pheonix Foundation, Macgyver tried to convince Murdoc to reveal his true identity, but stuck to the alias Murdoc, a name which he had grown particularly fond of.

He appears again briefly in Season 1, Episode 12 (Screwdriver) when Riley Davis and Bozer visit him in prison for information out of him regarding the Mole - the storyline for the first half of Season 1. Murdoc requests a first edition book of an incredibly rare book, saying he will not give any information until he has this book. Riley and Bozer do acquire the book and Murdoc gives them the little information which he knows.

In Season 1, Episode 20 (Hole Puncher) Murdoc helps Macgyver impersonate him to find a high sort after target. Murdoc is reluctant to help at first but when Matilda Webber searches more into Murdoc, she finds that he has a teenage son, who Murdoc sends presents for on his birthday and Christmas, and has used extensive resources to keep his son hidden and safe, including sending his son to an exclusive private school in Switzerland. His son is also unaware of what his father does for a living.

Murdoc enlisted the assassin who posed as Dr Zito to gain entry to the Phoenix in an attempt to enact revenge on Macgyver and his team regarding what had happened between them in Season 1, Episode 21 (Cigar Cutter). At the end of the episode, Murdoc chokes his prison guard and escapes.

This Cliffhanger ending will lead onto Season 2


  • His codename, Suspect 218, is a reference to his 1985 counterpart first appearing in Season 2, episode 18 (2, 18).
  • Murdoc has a teenage son who attends in Private School in Switzerland. His son receives presents from his father every Christmas and Birthday. He is also unaware of what his father does for a living. Murdoc wishes to keep it that way.
  • It's assumed Matty knows Murdoc's true identity as she managed to find his son.


Season One
The Rising Metal Saw Awl Wire Cutter Toothpick Wrench Can Opener Corkscrew Chisel Pliers Scissors
Screwdriver Large Blade Fish Scaler Magnifying Glass Hook Ruler Flashlight Compass Hole Puncher Cigar Cutter
Season Two
DIY or Die Roulette Wheel + Wire Muscle Car + Paper Clips X-Ray + Penny Skull + Electromagnet Jet Engine + Pickup Truck Duct Tape + Jack Packing Peanuts + Fire CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil War Room + Ship Bullet + Pen

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