The Wasteland
Season 6, Episode 117
The Wasteland
Airdate 21st January 1991
Written by Robert Hamner & Grant Rosenberg
Guest Stars Jim McMullan
Mitzi Kapture
John Pyper-Ferguson
Bruce Harwood
Directed by Michael Caffey
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A land developer whose latest project may seriously harm the environment is in serious trouble himself. His children are planning a hostile takeover... one that includes murder!


MacGyver drove into a wasteland to see a friend named Willis when he actually saw him step into something like quicksand, just it was liquid quicksand. MacGyver uses a belt that clips onto his and winded it and as he ran, the buckle pulled him and Willis comes out when Willis almost drowned when he sank. He shows him-him what the world can turn into. People named Scott and Laura is tired and sick over there father. MacGyver visits a mountain village and gives Laura a deal with giving her the tape and have lunch together. A person sends MacGyver in the pool table room for a call. But it was a setup and became unconscious when he was wacked in the neck. He woke up thinking Laura did it but she didn't so than Laura told him about her mean father. MacGyver goes to an appointment at the village to chat with Scott and Laura's father and found out his name was Andrew. MacGyver takes him to the wasteland when the van they were in blew up! They were lucky to survive but the Andrew had a broken leg. It came to night time and they hid in a mini small cave with a camp fire while MacGyver finds help. Scott and Laura arrive to the wasteland. MacGyver radio's help but it didn't work so he had a plan with a blade, string, and a parachute. He made a flying parachute. Scott and Laura finds Andrew and Andrew found out that Scott and Laura planted the bomb on the van. Scott is surprised and Laura doesn't want her father dead. But Scott shot Andrew and Andrew survived. MacGYver flys up and heads towards the camp fire. But Laura fights Scott from shooting Andrew again when Scott accidentally pulled the trigger and killed Laura. Andrew is upset but Scott aims the gun at Andrew, MacGyver was just on time and kicked Scott and picked Andrew up and got away from Scott. Than now they were safe away from Scott.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Jim McMullan as Andrew Bartlett
  • Mitzi Kapture as Laura
  • John Pyper-Ferguson as Scott
  • Bruce Harwood as Willis

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